Springfield Catholic High School has a long-standing tradition of being a supportive and collaborative community whose mission is to develop students both spiritually and intellectually.

skahanIt is this mission, the quality of the people, and the desire for greatness that make Springfield Catholic unique from any other school in Southwest Missouri. As principal, it is both an honor and a privilege to serve such an outstanding faculty, parent and student community.

At Springfield Catholic, we recognize that high school is a time when young men and women face a number of tests inside and outside the classroom. Springfield Catholic High School prepares students for the ethical and moral challenges they may encounter as adults, as well as the academic challenges of college.

We are proud of our impressive graduation rates as well as our ACT scores, which are consistently above state and national averages. Equally important is the high percentage (98%) of college-bound graduates who are pursued by prestigious colleges across the country. But our schools are about so much more.

At Springfield Catholic, values are woven into the fiber of each student’s being – and that’s not just important for our students, it’s important for our world. Springfield Catholic High School forms the minds, hearts, and souls of tomorrow's leaders and that is our greatest source of pride.

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Jeanne Skahan