Facts & Philosophy

Reflection is a funny thing. What your reflection looks like depends largely on the lens in which you are looking through. It can change how other people see you and it can change how you see yourself. Reflection is also a self study regarding our actions and programs. St Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary school promotes reflection as a means of living the Christ life. As a body of Christ, we strive to reflect the face of God in all that we do, say and think. Our students and staff are always seeking what is right, just and good. We understand the tenements of Christian living.

John Paul II wrote‚ "Catholic education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in others".

We acknowledge the 5 basic principles of Catholic schools:

  1. Inspired by a Supernatural Vision: SEAS promotes the idea of all students being good citizens of the world, love God, neighbor, self and evangelize the gospel unto the entire world. All of this as part of Christian living that will enhance a student journey of faith with their eyes on Heaven.

  2. Supernatural Destiny: It is our profound belief that all children are unique and born with the desire to seek Christ and to reflect His will and way of perfection. As a school we seek to not only educate children for the 21st century and beyond by forming a strong foundation of necessary skills so they may be successful, but we also center our learning and living around the desire to seek perfection through Christ. We believe it is every human beings right and desire to be in perfect union and harmony with Christ. Everything we do at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School is centered on that belief.

  3. Communion and Community: We adhere to the idea that Catholic Schools should be a body of faith. Relationships are the most important factor in bringing that body of Faith together. We work toward a communion of parents with teachers, staff and students and to promote wellness in our physical environment. Our school community should reflect the face of God and his desire for a strong and vibrant family of believers.

  4. Catholic World View & Curriculum: Our education is intentionally directed at the whole person. Our comprehensive Catholic curriculum speaks to the whole child. We strive to bring about a partnership with home that allows a child to grow in the perfection of Christ through intellectual, physical, psychological, moral, and religious capacities. Our curriculum adheres not only to the rigors of academia but is also inspired by the gospel. We seek an environment that will help guide a child through the years. One that will help them make the right and moral choices as independent people. We teach a foundational system that will direct and support them in their professional life and more importantly, enhance their supernatural destiny as a child of God.

  5. Sustained by Gospel Witness: In our intense desire to reflect the face of God to in fact strive to be as Christ like as possible, we acknowledge the vital role our parents, staff, teachers and administrators play. The primary responsibility of a Christian school environment lies with the individuals who make up that school and its supporting community. Ours is a supernatural calling. It is more than simply exercise of profession. The nobility of the task to which we are called demands that, in imitation of Christ, the only Teacher, they reveal the Christian message not only by word but also by every gesture of their behavior. In short, we give the strongest testimony and reflection of God himself by our very essences of living.