Our Fundraisers


This is not an “event,” but a campaign by mail, phone and parish solicitations that raises the critical “edge” money for our school system’s annual operating budget. Tuition and Parish Subsidies simply do not pay the full cost of educating the students of our four schools. The Annual Appeal Campaign helps bring the Revenue side of the budget closer to the Expense side without simply increasing tuition. (And campaign contributions are tax deductible while tuition is not, by the way). Annual Appeal proceeds are put into the budget of the next fiscal year based on actual dollars received, again affording us a real-dollar we can rely on. This campaign affects tuition budgeting more than any other fundraiser.


Emerald Evening has not only grown into the biggest fundraising event that Springfield Catholic Schools sponsor, but has also become the biggest one-night educational fundraiser in the entire Ozarks. Tickets for the Dinner/Dance/Auction(s) are $125 per person (partially tax-deductible). Optional raffle tickets for a chance to win CASH, are available for an additional cost. Auction lovers could spend a few more dollars while getting some great bargains by bidding on everything from mountain bikes to tickets to sports events, from multiple dinner packages to vacation condos…and the list changes each year. Historically, Emerald Evening has been instrumental in providing “technology enhancement,” however, each year the Development Board reviews fundraising activities and makes decisions on the use of proceeds. Technology is always a very important part of that decision making process to ensure that our schools stay at the cutting-edge of education, from computers and software to licensing and innovative learning materials. A unique aspect about “EE” funds is that they are not part of the NEXT school year’s budget as are most Development activities. “EE” proceeds can be spent in the schools in the very same year they are raised. Simply put, “Emerald Evening equals Immediate Impact.”


This exciting and very “engaging” fundraiser was brought to Springfield Catholic Schools by the Development Board in 2008. The purpose for a new fundraiser was to finish paying off the 10 acres of land purchased adjacent to Springfield Catholic High School in 2007. Season 1 welcomed 400 guests to the event, Season 2 maxed out at 600 and the note to the land purchased was torn up on the stage by Dr. Amy DeMelo, Dir. Of Schools and Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. Remarkably, each year a new record-breaking amount of net proceeds has been earned. Season 6 welcomed 800 very enthusiastic and ready-to-engage participants as they applauded, cheered to the top of their lungs and voted often to show appreciation to the dancers. This produced record-breaking net proceeds of more than $201,00. We have purposely kept this event at a very affordable rate for guests. Proceeds are raised by voting for your favorite dance team(s) made up of a Catholic community “dance star” paired with a professional dance instructor. The six dance teams are selected in early spring and practice their dance routine throughout the spring and summer while soliciting votes from supporters at $10 per vote. It’s a great fundraiser that welcomes all our families back at the beginning of the new school year and is generally held the last Saturday of August. The Development Board reviews all fundraisers annually and decides how proceeds from this event will be spent to benefit Springfield Catholic Schools. Season 8 is in the planning stages now and scheduled for August 22, 2015. 


In 2003, the Development Board of Springfield Catholic Schools inaugurated “The Next Generation” Endowment Campaign, to help secure the future of quality Catholic education in Springfield. Particular emphasis was placed on a more competitive salary scale to insure that the highest quality teachers continue to be at the core of our schools. As the Endowment grows, so will the yearly return realized by the operating budget for salaries and other future needs. We are delighted to report that Phase one of the Campaign has been concluded and we surpassed our goal of $1.6-million in gifts and pledges in less than a year of the campaign! Phase One plaques are installed in each school to honor the “charter donors” who made this critical endowment fund possible. The other wonderful news is that an additional $1,500,000-plus in “planned gifts” such as life insurance, bequests and trusts were also made during Phase One, pledges that actually serve to kick-off “Phase Two” of the endowment effort. Annually, the Development Board host Wills and Trusts Seminars at our School System parishes to share information with parishioners to help them make informed decisions about their wishes at time of death. There is no solicitation made during these informative meetings, but we frequently get many questions about our schools.


Each year we process hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of “unsolicited” gifts that donors choose to make to a particular school, curriculum area, extra-curricular activity, or special project. These donations always follow the donor’s directive as to their use, be it new playground equipment, library books or a lighting board for the high school theatre…the donor makes the decision. They are gifts to an area of particular interest to the donors, and we are happy to be sure these gifts carry out their intended purpose.