Lunch Menu

Monthly Lunch/Breakfast Menu


A La Carte Prices:

$.25 Cheese/Marinara
$.50 Carton of Milk
$.50 Sm Juice Cups, Cereal, Cinn/Hot Rolls
$.60 Trix Yogurt, Fruit/Salad/Pasta from Bar
$.75 All Packaged Snacks, Pop Tarts, Desserts
$.75 Cereal Bars, IceCream Cups, Cheese Stick
$1.00 Item of the Day, Sm Hot Drink
$1.00 Brkfst Entrees, Other IceCream
$1.25 Pretzel w/cheese, Bosco Sticks
$1.25 Nachos, French Fries, Tater Tots
$1.50 Lunch Entrees, Nachos w/meat
$1.50 Yogurt Parfaits, Smoothies
$1.50 Bottle Juice/Milk, Dasani Water
$1.50 12oz Powerade
$1.75 Round Pizzas
$2.00 Flavored Water, 20oz Powerade, Jerky
Breakfast $2.20
Lunch $3.25