Home & School

Home & School Board Members 2016 -2017:

President – Ursula James

Vice President - Trish Kerr

Secretary – Erin Sanders

Treasurer – Helen Daus

The Home & School Association objectives are met by SCHS families participating in the association through membership.  Each family’s membership does away with the need for Home & School to fundraise.    Your membership helps meet student and teacher needs throughout the school year.  Here are a few activities that Home and School participates in each year:  Back to School Night, Freshman Orientation, Faculty Wish Lists, Finals Treat Bags, Pre – ACT Test, National Honor Society Recognition, Catholic Schools Week Celebration and much more.  We look forward to your membership and participation in the Home & School Association. 

The Home & School Objectives are as follows:

  1. To generally promote young adult welfare in the home, school, and community.
  2. To promote the fuller understanding of aims of Catholic education.
  3. To create and promote opportunities for the development of mutual confidence and understanding between parent and the teacher, and between parents.
  4. To help in carrying out activities approved by school authorities. 


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