Facts & Mission

School Facts
  • I. C. School is a Preschool – 8th grade school.
  • I. C. School has double classrooms at each grade level.
  • I. C. School is the largest elementary school in the Springfield Catholic School System and one of the largest schools in the Springfield/Cape Girardeau diocese.
  • I.C. School’s standardized tests scores surpass the National average.
  • I. C. Students participate in the Duke University Talent Search.
  • I. C. School Library contains over 9,000 books.
  • I. C. School has a state of the art computer lab.
  • I. C. School has a Fine Arts facility.
  • I. C. Students participate annually in the Regional Science Fair, Math Counts, Math Olympiad, Math League, and Language Arts competitions - often receiving top honors in these areas.
  • I. C. School offers Spanish, P.E., Music, Technology and Band as part of the curriculum in addition to the core curriculum.
  • I. C. School offers extracurricular activities such as Student Council, Yearbook, Mass Choirs, and IC Singers.
  • I. C. School offers the following Jr. High Sports: Cross Country, Cheerleading, Boys' and Girls' Basketball, Track, Girls' Volleyball, and Boys' Football.
  • I. C. School has a Crossing Guard Program for student safety.
  • I. C. School has a hot lunch program with two choices daily.
  • I. C. School has an after school program provided by the YMCA.
  • I. C. School has a Security system with a video monitor.
  • I.C. teachers are state certified and over 50% hold advanced degrees. 
Mission Statement

Immaculate Conception Catholic School is a vibrant, caring community of Christian families and individuals dedicated to the formation of young people who will be prepared to lead society into the future in a manner that will be pleasing to God.

Vision Statement

Immaculate Conception Catholic School will always be an environment where learning is valued and ensured.

  • We believe that parents/guardians are vital partners in education
  • We believe that every member of our school brings to the community unique gifts and talents that enrich the whole.
  • We believe that an effective community celebrates God’s presence through worship, prayer, and service.
  • We believe that students should be prepared to take their place as citizens in the larger world.
  • We believe that Catholic values should be integrated in all subject areas.
  • We believe in academic excellence.
  • We believe in providing for the academic needs of all students.
  • We believe in the importance of developing an appreciation for and an acceptance of cultural diversity.
  • We believe that the moral, ethical, and spiritual values, modeled by Jesus, should be reflected in the lives of the members of the school community.